Medica Medicine + Sports Conference

4th MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE – The Future of Sports Medicine

The who is who of the sports medicine world gathered once again to Dusseldorf on the 15th & 16th of November for the annual MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE, now held already for the 4th time. International sports medicine experts, professional athletes, sport techies, and the doers of the industry conversed over two days on the newest exchange formats, sport medical therapies, and innovative products for prevention, recovery and population health management. With the internationally established platform to connect healthcare, prevention and exercise medicine with innovative technologies, industry professionals presented new and breakthrough advancements, as well as networked with new partners and discovered and developed new markets.

This year’s conference looked into the future with the opening day of the conference dedicated to The Future of Sports Medicine in 2030. The opening keynote “Cybathlon – A New Type of Competition for People with Disabilities” by Prof. Dr. Ing. Robert Riener, Head of Health Sciences & Technology at ETH Zürich, shed light on the new advancements in robotics and how they can improve the lives of the physically challenged. This innovational presentation was followed by an impressive panel discussion with 21 x World Champion and 6 x Paralympic Gold Medalist Andrea Eskau joining in to give her expertise on how professional athletes can rely on robotics and advanced innovations in sports medicine. In addition to Mrs. Eskau, the panel included keynote speaker Dr. Robert Riener, Alberto Bichi (FESI), Prof. Dr. Klaus-Michael Braumann (President, German Sports Medicine Association), Prof. Dr. med. Herbert Löllgen (EFSMA) as well as WT | Wearable Technologies Founder and CEO, Christian Stammel.

In session two, experts such as Giuseppe Coppola (Philips Wearable Sensing Technologies), Dr. med. Christian Schneider (German Olympic Sports Confederation DOSB), Dr. Steve Fox (Microsoft), Prof. Dr. med. Herbert Löllgen (EFSMA) and Prof. Dr. med. Roman Leischik (University Witten-Herdecke) gave perspective and shared their vision for what the roadmap to sports medicine in 2030 will be like in wearables, sports orthopedics and medicine, as well as athlete development with the use of big data and machine learning.

After a successful day inside the conference room, the attendees joined the Guided Innovation Tour through the halls of MEDICA 2016, highlighting relevant companies in the sports medicine industry. This year’s stops included Hocoma, InBody as well as WT | Wearable Technologies, where the companies showcased their latest innovations to the enthused participants.

The second day of the conference tackled important and ever developing topics, familiar already from previous MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCES, such as new training programs & equipment, the latest innovations in monitoring vital data & sports performance as well as the new digital innovations in elite & recreational sports. Within these three areas, several new approaches were presented with ground breaking innovation.

To highlight only but a few, Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Scharhag presented and answered the question of whether Vigorous Endurance Exercise has Harm or Benefit to the Heart and Dr. med. Markus Klingenberg shared his methods on prevention and rehabilitation with the Selective Functional Movement Assessment & Y Balance Training. Prof. Dr. med. Petra Zupet presented the Functional Diagnostics of Biceps Femoris Injuries, whereas Daniel Porten, Captain at the German Air Force, introduced the Air Force’s Human Performance Enhancement Program. Prof. Dr. Bjoern Eskofier gave an overview of the development of Wearables Computing in Recreational & Elite Sports, Tero Myllymäki of Firstbeat talked about Evaluating the Physiological Effects of Training, Dr. Oliver Trinchera shared how Kinexon is aiding the impact of injury prevention and rehabilitation with Precision Localization and Motion Sensing and Ralf Lindner, CEO of MEDISANA, discussed the innovation in power rolls with the Effects of Using a Vibration Foam Roll.

To sum up, the 4th MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE was yet again a true highlight of the MEDICA 2016 trade fair, providing new and innovative approaches in sports medicine as well as sparked numerous new connections with the established networking platform of the conference.

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