Medica Medicine + Sports Conference

5th Anniversary Edition of the MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE

2017 marked the 5th anniversary of the MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE. Established at MEDICA in 2013, the conference has grown into the highlight event of the world’s largest medical trade fair and once again brought together the who is who of the sports medicine world, this year on the 14th and 15th of November.

International sports medicine and sports science experts, professional athletes, sport techies, and the doers of the industry conversed over two days on the newest exchange formats, sport medical therapies, and innovative products for prevention, training, recovery and rehabilitation.

With this internationally established platform to connect healthcare, prevention and exercise medicine with innovative technologies, industry professionals presented new and breakthrough advancements, as well as networked with new partners and discovered and developed new markets.

The 5th anniversary conference took a look at the current state of sports medicine and how many innovative technologies and approaches are in day to day use already today. To open the first day, Session 1: Sports Medicine – The Future is Now gave light to the various innovations and approaches used today to help ordinary, everyday people as well as the most elite athletes with prevention, training, recovery and rehabilitation.

Meg Burich, Senior Director of Digital Sports at adidas presented the adidas ALLDAY app and shared how adidas is helping in the digitalization of exercise and wellbeing in her opening keynote. Next up, Prof. Dr. Yannis Pitsiladis, Professor of Sports & Exercise at Brighton University and founder of the SUB2 project enlightened the audience on how the SUB2 Marathon Project is pushing the boundaries of training and what it takes to try to reach the mythical under 2-hour marathon time. Further topics on the agenda were AR/VR in training and exercise prescription for health in practice.

In Session 2: Exercise – From Idea to Action, above mentioned Meg Burich was joined by Prof. Dr. med. Petra Zupet (EFSMA), Alberto Bichi (Executive Director, EPSI / House of Sports) and Prof. Dr. med Manfred James Müller (Board Member, German NCD Alliance) for a panel discussion on various topics on how exercise and nutritional aspects could and should be promoted in prevention. Public health guidelines, exercise prescription as well as digitalization were all discussed in this very important area of debate.

Following a great start to the anniversary conference, the attendees joined the Guided Innovation Tour through the halls of MEDICA 2017, highlighting relevant companies in the sports medicine industry. This year’s stops included Hocoma, HUR, InBody as well as WT | Wearable Technologies, where companies showcased their latest innovations to the enthused participants.

The second day of the conference presented three sessions tackling important and ever developing topics, familiar from previous MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCES as well. Among the topics were the latest innovations in monitoring vital data & sports performance, tailored exercise programs as well as new digital innovations sports & healthcare. Several new approaches were presented with groundbreaking innovation proving a heavy dose of information as well insight on the above topics.

To highlight only but a few of the 20 speakers who hit the stage on day 2, in Session 4, Prof. Dr. med. Wilhelm Bloch of German Sports University Cologne shared new methods in Real-time Analytics at the Point of Care, Dr. Raija Laukkanen presented interesting data on Polar’s science behind measuring sleep from the wrist, and Prof. Dr. med. Claus Reinsberger talked about concussions and the assessment process between the clinic and technology.

Session 5 continued with the topic of brain injuries with the second keynote of the conference. Pekka Hyysalo, Founder of FightBack, shared an inspirational story on his revolutionary recovery from a traumatic brain injury to the conference audience. Other topics in this session were individual exercise training responses, presented by Prof. Dr. Arto Hautala, return to play activity protocol of Dr. Götz Welsch, as well as how Laura Hottenrott, professional long-distance runner, uses innovative tools optimizing her training. Closing out the session, Ben Bruder and Daniel Nister shared information on wearable-based performance tracking.

In the last session of the conference, various digital innovations were presented. From how running is being re-imagined by Myotest (Dr. Christophe Ramstein), to sports and technology merging with InteractiveSQUASH (Markos Kern), real-time atrial fibrillation analysis (Dr. Ricard Delgado, CSEM), and printed stretchable electronics (Tytti Julkunen, FORCIOT) to new smart wearables for back pain treatment (Christoph Tischner, 8sense) and modern corporate health management (Chrisptoh von Oldesrhausen, movement24).

To conclude, the 5th Anniversary Edition of the MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE was once again a true highlight of the MEDICA 2017 trade fair, providing new and innovative approaches in sports medicine as well as sparked numerous new connections with the established networking platform of the conference. The organization for the 6th MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE and the 2nd MEDICAL FAIR ASIA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE are already well underway with great speakers and additional topics. Please find more information here.

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