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Dr. Adrian Hutber

Adrian Hutber

Dr. Adrian Hutber was appointed Vice President of Exercise is Medicine at the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) in 2008, after serving as the vice president of a fitness corporation and as the Director of the Distance Education Division of the world’s largest physical activity publisher, Human Kinetics. Exercise is MedicineR (EIM) is the multi organizational, multi national initiative co founded by the American Medical Association and ACSM – and subsequently coordinated by ACSM – to integrate the scientifically proven benefits of physical activity to prevent and treat chronic disease into the world’s health care systems.

He has been invited to give keynotes and presentations about physical activity and chronic disease and about EIM at US and international scientific and medical conferences in more than 30 countries on six continents and has helped to establish seven EIM Regional Centers and 39 plus EIM National Task Forces, all with the goal of making physical activity assessment, prescription, and referral part of health care systems globally.

Dr. Hutber has numerous publications in physiology and sports medicine scientific journals, has authored the Pre-Exercise Health Screening course (Human Kinetics, 2001), is a Board member of the National Advisory Council for Cancer and Exercise in the USA, and continues to serve as a reviewer for scientific journals, including the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

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