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Dr. med. Doris Eller-Berndl

Dr. med. Doris Eller-Berndl

Dr. Doris Eller-Berndl studied Medicine at the Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna and graduated with MD degree 1993. After having worked as an assistant in Institute of Anatomy for 3 years, she began with her Training in Pulmonology 1995 in Vienna at the Clinic for Pulmonology Baumgartner Höhe. Following this, Dr. Elelr-Berndl trained in General Medicine in Vienna at Hanusch Kankenhaus. Between 2003 and 2005 she went through the University course for Medical Health Prevention at the University Krems, Austria, finishing a Diploma for Occupational Medicine in 2006. Dr. Eller-Berndl has worked in the rehabilitation center Engelsbad, Baden with special interest in metabolism. Since 2004 she has worked in private practise with special interest is preventive medicine.

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