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Dr. med. Markus Klingenberg

Dr. med. Markus Klingenberg

Dr. med. Markus Klingenberg, M.D. is the Head of Sports Medicine & Arthroscopic Surgery at Beta Clinic. Prior to his position at Beta Clinic, Dr. Kilngenberg absolved his specialist training in orthopedics/accident surgery in Zurich, at the Klinik am Ring in Cologne (Germany), at the Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Bonn and the Sporthopaedicum Straubing/Regensburg, Germany. Additional qualifications in sports medicine, chiropractic/manual medicine and emergency medicine complete his portfolio. He also acts as an instructor for Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). As an author Dr. Klingenberg writes for different print and online magazines and he currently has completed his book “Return-To-Sports”. He is also a scientific board member for the Institute of Applied Health Science (IFHIAS).

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