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Dr. Raymond So

Dr. Jason Lee

Dr. Raymond So is currently the Director of Elite Training Science and Technology of the Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI), the elite training center in Hong Kong. His major responsibility at the HKSI is to drive innovation and scientific, medical and technological support to coaches to systematically and positively impact athletes’ high performance results. His research work is published in international academic and professional journals and numerous keynote and invitational presentations. Dr. So has served the Hong Kong Association of Sports Medicine and Sports Science (HKASMSS) for 20 years and was the President from 2001 to 2005, he now serves as the Honorary Treasurer of the Association. Besides, he serves as a corresponding member of the Education Commission of the International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS), a member of the Sports Science Committee of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), and Secretary of the Preparatory Executive Committee of the Association of Sports Institutes in Asia (ASIA).

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