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The EFSMA European Federation of Sports Medicine Associations is a not-for-profit association having its legal seat in Lausanne, Switzerland. The EFSMA is recognized by the International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS).

The specific objectives of EFSMA are to have Sports Medicine recognised as a speciality within the European Union and in all of Europe; to develop and harmonise education in Sports Medicine throughout Europe and to get Sports Medicine included in the basic curricula at all Medical schools and Educational Institutions; to be a pan-European forum in Sports Medicine for the improvement of communication between sports Medicine Organizations in Europe; to coordinate European Sports Medicine actions and to cooperate with Sport Science disciplines in Europe; to increase understanding of the importance of physical activity and sport training for the whole European population and dissemination knowledge of the principles and methods of Sports Medicine for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and diseases; to encourage the exchange of scientific results and experiences and to encourage and engage in common research; to estabilish common strength and propagate a Sports Medicine Code of Ethics throughout Europe.

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