Medica Medicine + Sports Conference



Dr. Joni Kettunen, CEO Firstbeat

“It is a great set of experts here at the conference. We had the chance to get a good access to the German sports medicine network as the right contact persons are onsite. And we are really happy to contribute our real case studies to the sport medical and sport science experts.”

Niels Schuldt, CEO Oxy 4

“There is really a high quality audience at the conference. The attendees have a great network in their specific area of business. It is a very good platform for a young company like us. We felt very welcome. Interesting key speakers were able to point out the importance of development in wearable diagnostic technologies and shared insight into their work in a rather personal, but high quality get-together. We perceived a high interest in our product TrainOXY™ @Medica2015 and are happy to take home not only a strong encouragement for our task, but furthermore great national and international connections and contacts. Great thanks for the platform and magnificent organization.”

Marek Joschko, KAATSU

“We are overwhelmed by the quality of the participants and thrilled about the traffic at our demo table. There is a huge difference between traffic and good quality traffic! And here at the conference it is definitely quality traffic.”

Heidi Dohse, Founder Tour de Heart, Program Manager Google

“I am amazed by new more and more technology coming up from individual features to now full solutions that contribute a great benefit to patients and people´s lifes.”

André Debruyne, President EFSMA

“Thank you very much for hosting us and offering us these possibilities. It was again a big success. We all were excited by the guided innovation tour and the conference.”

Özgurt Sadik, InBody

“We are amazed about the internationality of the attendees. We have received a great feedback after the Guided Innovation Tour. A lot of the participants came to our booth afterwards to learn more about our specific products. So we had the chance to get deeper into the topic with them.”

Marc Meurer, Polar

“The exchange between sports science and industry is very important. Sometimes sports science is not well informed what the industry actually can do to support them. Platforms like the MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE are very important to strengthen this network!”


Dr. Cormac O’Muircheartaigh, Director, Sports Medicine Lab Singapore

“The MEDICAL FAIR ASIA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE is setting the standard and benchmark for not just medical fairs in SE Asia but in the region of Asia. From a sports medicine point of view, the next time the conference comes to Singapore or the region, you will have people asking about it months in advance due to the things being presented and discussed as well as all of the opportunities coming out of this.”

Dr. Joni Kettunen, CEO, Firstbeat

“The MEDICAL FAIR ASIA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE was a great opening event in the region. The conference provided a great, receptive audience with many key persons of the region in attendance. By reaching these people, we are now able to benefit from their networks in promoting Firstbeat in SE Asia as well as the region in all.”

Richard Swinbourne, Head of Sports Nutrition, Singapore Sports Institute

“The conference was very good, and it was great to meet new people and network with so many influential people. These discussions already brought on some cooperation talks with some organizations in attendance. The conference provides a great place to keep up and get information on the latest innovations and approaches in sports medicine. Thus I think the MEDICAL FAIR ASIA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE will only grow, aided by the technology advancements in the next few years. Singapore is a hub for innovation so the conference in the right place!”

Anna Nykänen, Head of Sales & Marketing, PulseOn

“The conference was really interesting and especially the level of speaker was very high. It was also incredibly interesting to hear about the efforts the Singapore government is doing in terms of decreasing the illnesses and the promotion of physical activity in the population.”

Nicole Castello, Game Ready

“The conference was very beneficial for us as we met many key opinion leaders, decision makers as well as new users for our products. We were also able to make new contacts in the Asia Pacific region and it will be beneficial for us to be able to start selling and working with them directly.”






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