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Markos Kern

Markos Kern

Markos Kern is a truly driven creative mind and serial entrepreneur. He started Visual Drugstore, his first company, at the age of 20. Markos and his team of 25 employees created the first live video mapping software for large scale projections with up to 48 computers for Intel. The company quickly became the go-to creative agency for brands such as Mercedes Benz, Google, Hugo Boss, and the German Ministry Of The Environment, and many more. Markos has always aimed at pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Maybe that’s also why he opened the first surf school in North Korea in 2015. His latest company, Fun With Balls GmbH, is looking to revolutionize the world of sport, creating an immersive health and fitness experience, a process initiated by their groundbreaking product interactiveSQUASH.

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