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Pekka Hyysalo

Pekka Hyysalo

Freeskier Pekka Hyysalo (born 2.9.1990) was at the early stage of his pro Skier Career and just finished his high school studies at the Alpine Gymnasium in Kuusamo, Finland, when the direction of his life was changed by a crash where he sustained a life threatening TBI (high energy traumatic brain injury). After his serious accident, his chances to recover to an independent life were near zero, but against all odds he managed to fight back to a normal life. Today Pekka is not only the founder, but also the face of FightBack – a brand that stands for positive thinking, persistence and not giving up on what’s most important to you. He has written a book ”FightBack – the second chance” in which he tells his story, published in 2016. A documentary about his rehab, ”New Run” had its premiere in Finland September 2016.

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